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VERY Good girl carolina hererra 80ML


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At the beginning of February 2021, Carolina Herrera presents a new flanker in an attractive bright red stiletto bottle. Red is definitely a trend in 2021 because many houses have decided to offer new creations in red bottles.

Very Good Girl is a new olfactory adventure that takes a surprising turn: Where previous fragrances in the family explored the subversive power of jasmine or the tonka bean, this new Eau de Parfum ups the ante, drawing its strength from the potency of the rose, a distinctive scent, which here treads on entirely new ground.

VERY GOOD GIRL arrives after last year’s creation, Good Girl Suprême, and Good Girl Légère from 2018. They stand out as different compositions from the other editions of the collection, which were limited edition bottles of the original Good Girl creation from 2016.

As the brand explains: “Rose and vetiver: an idyllic contrast. Very Good Girl is a Floral Fruity fragrance. Its aromatic journey starts with the currant, a playfully mischievous wild berry that’s joined by the exotic lychee in a unity of confidence. It’s at this point that the singular yet mysterious qualities of the rose come into play. As one of the most important raw ingredients in the history of perfumery, it has previously seen countless interpretations. All-encompassing and seductive, its unique scent is an ace up any sleeve, which is exactly what perfumers Quentin Bisch and Louise Turner capitalized on for this new chapter in the Good Girl universe.”

“Here, it’s the creamy and powdery nuances of the rose that come to the fore, with an indulgent romanticism that’s as warm and silky as the world’s most seductive red lipstick.

There’s no need to justify a declaration of love for this most luxurious of ingredients, and even if this were reason enough to create a fragrance, Quentin Bisch and Louise Turner are anything but a conformist. Hence why the final burst in Very Good Girl is a veiled background of vetiver, the raw form of which evokes the smell of wood, and is often used in men’s perfumery. It’s a key ingredient of Bad Boy, for example, but also of Good Girl Suprême, providing a surprising and contemporary counterpoint that in this new fragrance creates an alliance with the warmth of vanilla.

The result is a floral fragrance that enhances the natural beauty of its raw ingredients, but without forgoing creativity.”

As Carolina Herrera famously said, “Fashion is evolution, not revolution,” a maxim that fully applies to this new fragrance. Just as when Wes Gordon modernizes timeless materials such as silk or leather when designing fashion for the brand, the rose is used with a completely contemporary aesthetic. This is why Very Good Girl is not only a tour de force for the senses, it’s also a fragrance that’s ready to wear and enjoy in the modern world.

The red bottle is not the first in the collection, but it differs in design. Good Girl Velvet Fatale was the first red fragrance of the collection made in a bottle of dark red velvet, while the new creation is as shiny and glassy as the original edition. The true fans of the line now have a new object of desire. VERY GOOD GIRL comes on the market in mid-February in 50ml and 80ml Eau de Parfum bottles.


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